Dragon Kite With spinning eyes and moving tongue, dragon kite is the representive work of Weifang kites.It is easy to take,flying highly and powerful.The size of dragon has two points: the diametre of the body and the length. Our regular products: 1000-5 1000-10 1000-15 1000-20

Chinese traditional kite includes flowers,birds,fish,insects etc.Each is a good individual art.Flying in the sky,it is a kite; while putting on the wall, it is a nice decoration. Recommend products: 2008 Butterfky (110X60cm,silk-like,bamboo) 2058 Crane (120X60cm,silk-like,bamboo) 2049A Big crab (133x94cm) 2049B Small crab (44X20cm) silk,bamboo,handdrawing
Educational kites are blank kites without colour. Pupils paint and assemble the kites by themseves to improve skill.Usually each kite attaches colour pens or a Chinese brush and pigments. The popular educational kites have 2 typies: Morden kite: triangular (delta) kite, diamond kite.Frame: glassfiber or bamboo Traditional Chinese kite: goldfish kite, butterfly kite, hawk kite, owl kite, etc. Frame: bamboo

It is fun,easy,portable and extremely simple to go in the air.No solid struction,no assembly is required. Made of ripstop nylon,it flies well in wind speed between 5 and 30 mph. Never fly your near electrical lines,airport,or during thunder storm. Recommended product: 3001 Pocket kite (left picture) Size: 80X45 cm Material: ripstop nylon 3003 Parachute kite Size: 120X60 cm Material: ripstop nylon

Advertising logo kites are widely used in promotion.We can print various pictures,signs,and words supplied by you on the advertising and gift kites.Such kites are usually design by our clients.For the purpose of present, they are always small and low price, because they are made of ripstop and glassfiber.Otherwise, they are certain to fly easily.They possess all the features, with which the advertising gifts should have been provided. So they are good enough to be the free gifts to your customers. With one of the largest production scale in China and the lowest price in the world,we are sure to make you unthinkable gains. Samples: 1902 8017
Stunt kite belongs to modern kite.It usually has two lines.It is portable, but needs good flying skill.Sports lover always use it to perform or do exercise.  Stunt kite (right picture) Size: 200X84cm, Material: ripstop nylon or polyester.  Frame: carbon or glassfiber
Parachute kite
Parachute kite
Inflatable kite is popular in recent years.Because it is easy to be packed and carry.Its performance in the sky is wonderful and huge inflatable kite is good for kite festival and other outdoor events. 
Kite festival is hold in more and more country and region for children to spent time outside in stead of behind the television or gamecomputer.